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Shark Fishing Charter Virgina Beach

Shark Fishing Charter Virgina Beach

If you are into shark fishing and want to charter a boat in Virginia Beach to catch a shark, we have the trip for you. Most shark fishing in Virginia is catch and release however, upon request, if a shark is legal to catch, and retain, Matador Charters will do so, but not wastefully. The shark must be processed. It’s worth noting that sharks that are caught and released over 6 feet in length  are eligible for Virginia release citation trophy and if you release your trophy catch, the actual carcass of the shark is not needed to get a mount of the fish. Many taxidermy companies such as grays and fish unlimited have special deals with matador charters to get mounts and only measurements of the shark and photos are required to get a mount. Matador charters encourages safe catch and release of most sharks, but also understands that the fish of a lifetime when edible, should be brought home and eaten. Here are the Virginia beach shark fishing trips Matador charters offers:

Half day inshore shark fishing

Half day inshore shark fishing (4 hours $550 for up to six people) : mostly during the summer from June to October, inshore waters off Virginia Beach are teaming with sharks. This half day inshore shark fishing trip is a family favorite as this is a quick trip close to shore, and we safely show family’s and children about shark fishing. The sharks we catch on this trip tend to be on the smaller end of the scale as far as shark sizes are concerned, usually 3 to 5 feet but people who are new to fishing in the ocean and kids love seeing these sharks. Most of the sharks we catch on this half day inshore shark charter fishing trip are released, but nonetheless they are fun to catch and we educate everyone about the sharks and they even get to have their picture with the sharks before they are released. The shark species commonly caught on this trip are typically blacktip, spinner, juvenile hammerhead, juvenile sandbar, juvenile bull, sharp nose, and occasionally we may see a larger shark on the half day shark trip. 

Full day inshore shark fishing charter ($1000 up to 8 hours and up to 6 people June to October) This shark fishing charter is a little more for the seasoned angler looking to catch bigger sharks than the half day shark trip. On this full day inshore trip, we have more time to go further from the inlet and this gives us more options for targeting larger sharks. Typical species caught on this trip include all the species of the half day trip, plus sand tiger sharks, adult sandbar, adult bull, adult hammerhead sharks, and occasionally we will catch a tiger shark or dusky on this trip. 

Overnight shark fishing charter

Feeding time happy hour inshore shark fishing trip (evenings June to October $1000 up to 6 hours up to 6 people) It is well known that sharks tend to bite best during the evening hours and during the first couple hours of darkness. This 6 hour evening fishing trip puts our charters where the sharks are when they are feeding. This trip breaks out the heavy tackle and targets big sharks, and often times we get results. Typical species caught are similar to the full day inshore shark fishing, however, the experience of shark fishing at night is so much fun and the sharks tend to be most cooperative during this time of day. 

Offshore shark fishing charter (mostly year round $2000 up to 14 hours up to 6 anglers) This shark fishing charter is for the hard core charter group of anglers who want to catch monster sharks. This trip goes out to the deep where the monster sharks live and spends the day targeting big sharks. Anywhere from 30 to 60 miles offshore the huge pelagic sharks can be found roaming the ocean and we put out the big reels and the fighting chair and catch monster sharks on this trip. 

Overnight shark fishing charter (mostly year round $3600 up to 36 hours up to 6 anglers) this trip spends a day and a half fishing targeting the biggest sharks in the ocean. On this trip we have caught huge hammerhead sharks, monster makos, and even a couple great white sharks amongst  a multitude of other shark species. This is the longest trip we offer and produces the most results. Call for details about this shark fishing charter.


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