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Virginia beach tuna tournament report HEARTBREAKER

On saturday we had a charter aboard and I had also entered us in the 8th annual virginia beach tuna tournament. The vbtt is a very fun 3 day event where each boat can fish one day. The day I chose was the final day, saturday. Lines in at 730 and we set up on the south wall of the canyon in some feeding porpoises. By 815 we had two nice yellowfins in the boat. The vbtt works off of a 3 fish weight and we had two nice yellowfins in the box so we would go try for a bite from a bigeye. We worked an area on the north wall of the canyon in some pilot whales and at noon we had our bigeye bite. Landing this fish would definitely put us way up there in the rankings and give us some tournament payoff. We fought this fish very hard for three hours. This fish was a mean one and after three hours of battle at nearly 30 pounds of drag, we had the fish in sight and it was a big one. It was the biggest bigeye I have ever seen. The fish that lead the tournament was a 254 pound fish and I am very certain this fish was larger than that. I would estimate it at 275-300 pounds. Very close to a state record sized fish. But either way it doesnt matter because when we had the fish on the leader and our mate Brandon went to gaff the fish, the leader broke and we all watched in disgust as the whipped fish slowly drifted away from the boat never to be seen again. Either way though it was a great day of fishing and we will get em next year. You cant win them all and yesterday it just wasnt our turn. Congrats to the teams of bay customs, marlin maniac, skiligal and all the other winners.

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