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Fishing Reports > 3 different citations one angler one day- MARLIN STILL HERE

Matador Charters Fishing Report

3 different citations one angler one day- MARLIN STILL HERE

Tuesday October 16th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On sunday we had Dr Julie Ball aboard for a day of fishing for citations. Julie had the entire boat chartered for herself and gave us permission to go paper chasing, or fishing for different species citations. Julie gave me a list of the fish she had already caught and we decided to try for some other species. October 14 was the last day of sea bass season so we started at the triangles hoping for a sea bass. Wecaught some bass but they were small. not citation. About 1030 we decided to pick up and shift gears. We took a long ride to the south and found the warm water. We put in at the 10 fathom hump and caught a 34" false albacore pretty quickly that earned Julie a release citation. Then we trolled over towards teh weather buoy. There was a log with some dolphin on it but we werent after dolphin so we kept on going to the buoy. We got to the buoy and there was a whole school of dolphin under it and we caught one or two for dinner. There was also a big school of triggerfish under the buoy. wE caught one and it was small. The next one we caught was huge. This triggerfish was a solid 5# trigger but it was also 20.5" long which qualified the fish for a release citation. We released it back to the buoy and Julie had her 2nd release citation of the day. We trolled the area around there for a few minutes and there was a weedline there that had some small mahi under it. We quickly left that area and we were working offshore towards an area where some of the boats had done pretty well on the wahoos earlier in the day. It was getting too late in the day though and we couldnt keep pushing offshore at that time so we just wheeled around in 20 fathoms. In 28 fathoms, we had an encounter with a white marlin. We didnt really have marlin gear out and flat werent expecting him. We missed that fish. We got to the chenango which is in 19 fathoms and began getting ready to bottom fish. As we were picking up lines a blue marlin comes in and slams the short rigger. Hooked up and after a 20 minute fight we caught the 3rd release citation of the day for Julie. I wouldnt have expected the blue marlin in 19 fathoms in mid october, but the water was a beautiful blue 72 degrees. After the blue marlin we did a drfit or two on the chenango and caught a couple bass then came home. Great day and Julie got 3 different citations for releases so it was a success.



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