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Fishing Reports > 6/08/2012 virginia beach fishing report

Matador Charters Fishing Report

6/08/2012 virginia beach fishing report

Friday June 08th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Summer is in full swing and things are getting started nicely. Yesterday we fished an inshore half day. The weather was gorgeous but we had a cold front and hard northeast winds for a couple days before that and it had muddied the water and cooled it off some. The fishing for us yesterday was ok, but the upcoming days should be significantly better as the water warms and clears. Nonetheless, we found the typical scattered bluefish. Spanish mackerel seemed to be congregating in 20-30 feet of water down off sandbridge between the golfball and the pier seemed to be the best. Every single one of our trolling bites was on planers. none on the inlines. We also shark fished for a while and it wasnt hot and heavy but there were some blacktips and sharpnose sharks around. In an hour we saw 4 and caught 4. Fishing was much better before the blow and it is going to be good over the next couple of days as it settles out from the blow. We have seen a handful of cobias along the oceanfront and off sandbridge, but its still a little early for them for us. Red drum have been scarce along the oceanfront thus far. There hasnt been a lot of boats fishing though and there may be more around to report, but we just havent found it yet. Up the bay, cobias are being seen pretty good by sightcasting anywhere along the channel edges along the baltimore channel and up the york river channel. This weekend should be exceptional with the conditions we are going to have. Spadefish are around but are very hit and miss on hook and line. Theres spades at chesapeake light, but its a waste of time because regaurdless of whos there first, theres always gonna be a boat full of divers with spear guns that comes through and shuts the bite off for everyone. The islands at the bridge tunnel have spades, the spade barge, the high rise, some of the buoys, and the inshore wrecks have them too. Theres some sea bass around but everything has been picked over pretty good already. Lots of throwbacks. The drum bite was really good up on the shoals before the blow. Mostly reds but there were a few blacks too. Flounder have been around the bridge and there have been some big ones. Offshore, there have been some really good catches of yellowfins coming from our waters the last couple of days. The tunas have been anywhere along the change. The satellite shot shows a nice break along the 100 fathom line all the way from below the cigar up to the baltimore canyon. Yesterday some boats out of ocean city did really well on yellowfins along the change between the norfolk and the washington canyons. There have been tunas all along that change. We have two offshore trips coming up sunday and monday so hopefully there will be something good to report with that. There have also been plenty of sharks and when floats can be found there have been some mahi too. The first marlins have been caught out of ocean city already and some seen by our fleet. Id expect marlins to be caught out of virginia beach this weekend. All in all we have a great weather forecast for the coming weekend. Hopefully we will have some boats getting out and finding some fish. Our upcoming availability is as follows. We have open: full day june 12 full day june 13 full day june 14 looking for three anglers afternoon half day june 15 afternoon half day june 20 afternoon half day june 21 full day june 22 afternoon half day june 26 afternoon half day july 1 full day july 2 full day july 3 afternoon half day july 6 full day july 8 Our current rates (after 10% discount for cash or check) are: $1850 full day offshore, $1000 full day inshore, $800 3/4 day inshore, and $550 half day inshore. These rates are ONLY WITH CASH OR CHECK. Add 10% to this rate for credit card purchases. For booking please call me at 757-749-6008 or email to, or check my site at Thanks and we will see you soon, capt. Jake



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