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7/15 offshore

Wednesday July 18th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On sunday we fished offshore and headed back behind the cigar. The plan was to work the area 35-45 fathoms down to the triple zeros and back. We saw a lot of marlins throughout the day but had a very hard time keeping them hooked. We started out and immediately had a sailfish bite. Somehow that one broke off. So began our day. Then we had a white pull of on the 80 wide. White marlins are extremely hard to catch on the wrong stuff and when they come up and bite the blue marlin bait, they are very seldomly caught. This particular day we had a very hard time keeping the white marlins off the blue marlin baits. We did catch a large wahoo on the blue marlin bait. We also had a mystery bite on the blue marlin bait that was very likely a blue marlin but we never saw him before the hook pulled. We caught a gaffer and a white marlin down towards the triple zeros in 40 fathoms and that was our day. lots of bites and lots of fish seen.



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