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Fishing Reports > Another mako and tiles offshore report

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Another mako and tiles offshore report

Sunday June 22nd 2014 - 10:57 AM EST
Added by: Matador Charters

A nice mako shark and a variety of bottom fish
A nice mako shark and a variety of bottom fish
On sunday we went back to the Canyon for our annual voyage with Scott Chapman crew for some offshore fishing. These guys always fish with us every year at this time and every year they come with a load of delicious barbecue and that is not frowned upon at this establishment. We headed out towards the canyon in less than perfect conditions. It was a bit breezy and a bit rainy but we pressed on and early in the morning we were in the canyon trolling. We had a couple dolphin bites and jumped off a white marlin. A couple boats around us had a yellowfin bite or two and a couple bigeye bites were had but no tuna bite for us. So we decided to use alternative methods. We had been seeing a lot of makos in the area so we put out a mako bait while we bottom fished. We captured some rosefish and about 45 minutes into it a nice 100# class mako shark comes swimming to the boat, ate our bait and it was on. We fought the fish for a while and finally got a dart in it and the box was suddenly much fuller. We stopped off and caught some blueline tilefish with a couple citations for the group and suddenly the box is looking real good. Trolled in to 20 fathoms and along the way we picked at some dolphin and false albacore bites and ended out our day with a stiff southwest breeze pushing us home. Great guys and we love having this crew aboard and are ready to see them again next year.



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