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Fishing Reports > BIG mako, great yellowfin fishing, and chopper bluefish

Matador Charters Fishing Report

BIG mako, great yellowfin fishing, and chopper bluefish

Saturday June 14th 2014 - 15:42 PM EST
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126# Mako shark caught trolling
126# Mako shark caught trolling

On Saturday we had a group of guys in town for an offshore trip. The plan was to leave early and get on the tunas. We pulled out of the slip at 330 am and made our way to the fishing grounds by sunup. We trolled a short while and nothing was happening for anyone. Then all of a sudden the light switch flipped on and the tunas started to eat. They bit really well for about an hour and a half and we caught about 15 tunas in short order. The size was all a mixed bag from 60 pounders to mediums to barely legals to throwbacks. Nonetheless we got a nice box of tunas and as we started trolling to the north trying to close the distance between ourselves and rudee inlet, the longrigger goes down with a big swirl. After a good long fight, we had a 7 foot mako laying on the deck of the Matador. The fish was really unhappy about being in the boat and went crazy for the better part of a half hour. We fished for a while longer and caught a pair of small yellowfin tuna and started coming home. On the way in, one of the guys jokingly said "captain, my arms aren’t tired." I immediately slowed down and threw lines out the back. We drove over a school of chopper bluefish and had 10 rods hook up. We made that guy crank a bunch of them in and he didn’t complain about his arms not being sore for the rest of the trip. Altogether we had a huge box of fish and the charter was really happy with the days catch.


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