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Matador Charters Fishing Report

Bluefin tuna are here Virginia Beach fishing report

Wednesday February 17th 2016 - 12:38 AM EST
Added by: Matador Charters

Matador Charters crew posing with a couple nice bluefins from a commercial fishing trip
Matador Charters crew posing with a couple nice bluefins from a commercial fishing trip
Finally, something has shown up that we can fish for. This week bluefin tuna have shown up and we are seeing lots of smaller class bluefins as well as a couple of the bigger size fish. Matador charters has been doing a little bit of commercial fishing for bluefin tuna over the last week and we have seen some bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and even a mahi mahi. There have been plenty of sharks in the area and deep drop fishing should continue to be good when the dogfish arent thick. 

Inshore, there has been very little fishing going on, but the majority of the boats going are catching tautog aka blackfish on the wrecks as well as plenty of sea bass. Sea bass are not currently in season so any sea bass must be released. 

We are currently booking charter fishing trips from the Virginia Beach fishing center for the summer of 2016. If you want to book one of the several inshore and offshore trips we offer, I would suggest booking asap. Many prime dates have already been filled, but we still have plenty available. Call 7577496008 for booking or questions. Thank you. 



Comment by: George Meredith MD
Friday May 31st 2019 - 14:15 AM EST

Colonel David Hanen's Latest Boondoggle Western Branch Dredging

Colonel David Hansen's USACE Latest Boondoggle

The irony in all this is that it was the same Colonel David Hansen USACE who destroyed the beautiful Red River in Louisiana in the eighties. Removing oxbows and fragile marshland so that grain barges could transport grain from the heartland down to the Mississippi Delta for international transport.

Only problem, Hansen's Red River Waterway with its five locks, is way too slow. The grain barges refuse to use this $2.1 USACE billion dollar boondoggle. And now Hansen is degrading the salt marshes of the Western Branch by removing nitrogen (NH4) rich sediment from the navigation channel of this beautiful river.

Consider: more nitrogen rich sediment will, in time, again fill the bottom of the Western Branch navigation channel. And that sediment, not muck as the Virginian Pilot and Hansen choose to call it...why, that new sediment must come from the surviving salt marshes of the Western Branch.

An alternative is to use a much less expensive pipeline dredge for this project. And depositing this "muck" on adjacent living shorelines, and low lying bulkheads on long 1:6 slopes, so as to reestablish already degraded salt marshes.

Hansen and the VBCC knows this because I have written them about this on four separate occasions. And did live presentations to VBCC on this topic twice in the past few years. But Hansen insists on barging ahead with his latest USACE boondoggle!

To learn more, Search: George Meredith MD marshland restoration by pipeline dredge

Is this a great country, or what?

George Meredith MD, President Linkhorn Rudee Waterway Fund

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