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Virginia Beach Striper Fishing Citation

Thursday December 11th 2008 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

11/28/08 - Today, I had Tommy Cox and friends for a 3/4 day striper fishing. My usual mate had some serious issues, so Kapoc Mike mated for me. Thanks again, Mike. You did great and way to be there on the spot. We started off at the tube between the third and the fourth which was productive but crowded. We caught a couple there, with a slot fish or two mixed in, but it was just a nightmare. The fish were right on the spine and were liking chartruese. The second plan was to go eeling. We tried up by 18 and there was a big crowd there too and not much going on. I did two quick drifts before deciding this was not exactly what we were looking for, so I slid off to somewhere a little more private. Within 5 minutes at the new spot, we hooked up and caught a nice 49'' skinny 41# fish that earned a citation for the little girl we had aboard, Kimberly. Next drift, another 48''er that was just shy of a Virginia citation at 39#. Every subsequent drift for the next hour we had at least one or two bites. We had a couple mishaps where the line was slacked and we lost nice fish at the back of the boat and a couple short strikes, but for the most part we found steady action until we came home. We ended out catching 3 of the big girls (all were over 48'' and skinny- eels in their bellies). The eel fishing season here is just getting started and the fishing will get better every day for the next month and a half. I still have plenty of dates available for charter



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