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Fishing Reports > Another blue marlin white marlin mahi tuna EVERYTHING offshore

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Another blue marlin white marlin mahi tuna EVERYTHING offshore

Tuesday September 13th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On monday, we caught it all. We had Lennie Miles on board to celebrate his 50th birthday. Lennie fishes with me a lot and we had a big day lined up for him. We started off behind the cigar and the fishing was slow. We saw one cutter and had one very weak bite out a white marlin. So we went elsewhere. It sounded like there was a good bite just south of the canyon and we picked up and went there early. As soon as we got there, we had a very fired up blue marlin on the plug. Switched off and caught. Beautiful fight and great display from the fish at boatside. The fish nearly jumped in the boat several times. A few minutes later, we had hooked a skipjack tuna and had slowed the boat down. The skipjack tunas and the schoolie bluefin tunas were REALLY thick and were a nuisance. We had slowed to crank this skipjack in and while we were barely moving I saw a bill slash at my longrigger. I threw the boat back in gear and the fish fired right in on the bait and within a few seconds we were hooked up on a white marlin as well as a skipjack. Lennies son William had his first release on a white marlin. Then we saw a grassline and proceeded to bail the motherload of mahi. Filled our boxes pretty quick at this place and they were a really good class of mahi. A short while later we found a pair of whites on the south wall of the canyon and had a really pretty bait switch hookup on one but missed the other. A couple more mahi. A bunch of tunas. Then a white on the shortrigger that we caught at the tip of the canyon and a wahoo bit my dredge in half. Another great day of fishing at the norfolk and its only gonna get better the next couple weeks. We have plenty of days available in september and are ready to get back out there whenever you are. Give us a call at 7577496008 and we will get you out there on some of these.



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