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Fishing Reports > ANOTHER giant Virginia Beach bluefin tuna

Matador Charters Fishing Report

ANOTHER giant Virginia Beach bluefin tuna

Sunday January 22nd 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On Thursday, me, Timmy, and Goat went out looking to find a bluefin tuna large enough to sell commercially. We pulled out at almost 7 am and began working the area around the dump site 3 miles outside of Rudee Inlet. These bluefin tunas have been very close to the virginia beach shoreline and most days have been mixed in right with the striped bass. So we began working around the area and we found some humpback whales laying lazily on top slapping their fins on the surface like we were bothering them and waking them up. We circled around them for a moment and then pushed on to the north towards cape henry where a fleet of rockfish boats was beginning to form up. We got close and turned south and began second guessing the whole thing as we hadnt had or heard of any tuna bites. We began cranking in our rods and preparing to go a little further south. As Timmy cranked the bridge rod in, the bait skipped along the top and a huge bluefin comes up and lands on the bait and the rod begins peeling drag. We dug in and strarted the fight and this thing was mean. The fish never ran. It basically just sat under the boat and used its weight to conserve its energy. It wouldnt budge. It dragged us mile after mile and after 5 hours of fighting, the fish began to tire out. The tuna was hooked on striper gear and though the rod was more than capable of handling the fish, the striper lure was probably not strong enough so we couldnt put a huge amount of pressure that we normally would to stop on of these fish. We had our opportunity and finally... at 330 we got a gaff in the fish. We hooked the fish at 930... 6 hours. What a beast. All three of us were exhasted from this tuna and hopefully she does well on the market in Tokyo. 82'' long and appx. 320-330 pounds. Absolutely incredible fishing off Virginia Beach between the stripers and the bluefins this winter so far.



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