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Fishing Reports > Another Hatteras Bluefin

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Another Hatteras Bluefin

Friday February 17th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Yesterday we had Marc Rietzel from Reitzel Home Improvements and his workers and his assosciates aboard with the mission to get a bluefin. We went to the 450 and set out near the change on the 450 in about 50 fathoms. The water was 68 degrees on the cold side of the change and 73 degrees in the stream. We would set out near a small rip in 70 degree water. A couple boats to the north of us hadnt seen anything yet, so we thought we would give it a try south as that area hadnt been covered yet. We started rigging the greenstick and a few minutes later we were ready to put the boat in gear and get started trolling. All the baits were dangling and the bird was pushing a little bit and as soon as I put the other motor in gear and the stick bowed over and came tight and we were fishing. Not even ten seconds later, there was a giant explosion on one of the hook baits and we were hooked up. Hadnt even trolled one minute and had our first hookup of the day. This fish was obviously a bluefin as it made a strong impressive first run then settled in and began circling under us deep below. After a half hour fight on a 80 wide, we had the fish boatside and after a quick eyeballing to see how big it was, we put a gaff in and brought it aboard. Appx 150# and 68". We are only allowed to keep one bluefin right now and we already had our bluefin for the day. The guys didnt seem to be too impressed on doing all that work to catch and release another so me moved on and jogged down to the rocks. At the 280, the current was ripping. We sent one jig down on a quick drift and instantly hooked a shark. Theres a ton of sharks at the 280 right now and its almost unfishable. So we continued jogging down and went to the 230 rock. There was still a ton of current at the 230 (with the wind and current combined our drift was nearly 5 knots) and the water temp was 75-76 degrees blue water over the rocks. Lot of marks below, but very diffucult to get a jig down with all the current. We did manage some false albacore and if we had a bit more time, I would imagine we would have caught some blackfins there. But the weather was fairly nasty all day with cloudy and drizzly and 15 knot east winds all day, so we bagged it and got in early with a good catch for the day.



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