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Fishing Reports > Another nice cobia EPIC BATTLE

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Another nice cobia EPIC BATTLE

Thursday August 02nd 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Today yesterday we had a group aboard for a half day from Kansas for our afternoon trip. The red tide had the morning trip's fishing a bit off. We did catch a handful of mackerels and bluefish as well as some sharks, but the red tide clearly had slowed the action from what it has been and we decided to change gears and spend some time looking for cobias. Our back up plan was going to be try some nearby stuff for flounder so we rigged up a couple rods with flounder jigs. We set off and started looking a couple miles off virginia beach and immediately began seeing fish. We saw a couple rats and had them chase our jigs a couple times, but they were undersize and we didnt really put a ton of effort into getting them. Normally we can throw a couple different baits at them and if they dont eat one, sometimes they will eat another. We just threw one bait at these and they didnt eat so we let them get on their way to grow bigger. A few minutes later we saw a larger fish. I made an excellent cast with a gorgeous bucktail and nothing. A couple seconds later, my mate Shawn makes a terrible cast with a plain old ugly flounder jig and the fish comes out of nowhere and slams the bait. Figures. So now we have the right bite and everything is going good, except the fish was hooked on a flounder jig with no leader and its on a flounder rod with 12# test. The angler does a great job with the large cobia and we see the fish several times but she just wont let us get close enough to the boat to get a gaff in her. We were at a stalemate for almost 3 hours with this fish. She would get 15 or 20 feet away, then run 40 or 50 feet and slowly ease in to 15 or 20 feet away then repeat process. Finally after what felt like a hundred runs, she got close and got stuck with the gaff. Our whole trip consisted of catching one fish. But our one angler on the boat caught the fish he wanted on light tackle and spent the entire half day trip hooked up and fighting fish. Great trip and one none of us will forget. Our evening trip went out later and we caught some spanish and blues before sunset and after sunset caught a huge number of sharks and released a 7 foot tiger shark.



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