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BIG SHARKS Matador Inshore Report

Sunday July 26th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

07/22 - On wednesday, we had Neal Bowmenthal aboard for a full day inshore. These guys said all they wanted was to catch a big shark. We loaded up the boat with chum and made a quick couple passes off the oceanfront to catch some mackerels and bluefish for fresh bait. We pulled out a little further off the beach than we had been fishing on our previous inshore trips hoping the class of shark would get larger. We set up and within thirty minutes we had our first bite. This fish was definitely not a three foot blacktip. The fish made a huge run to start then just sat under the boat. The mate put on a snorkel and fins to go take a look and he jumped out of the water as fast as he got in. He comes out and says its a huge tiger shark thirteen or fourteen feet long. The fish was hooked on a relatively small rod and reel and we fought it for almost three hours. We had the official release on the shark several times, however the fish would never let us get close enough to put it in the boat. The line eventually broke and the fish swam away. This was a true beast of a fish. Very big and very powerful. We went back to the same spot and while we were putting lines out, we caught a sharpnose shark. The chum went back out and within a half hour, we were hooked up on another tiger shark. This fish was not as big as the other, but still a big fish. After a half hour bout, we had a nice 8 foot tiger under control. We decided to go do a couple drifts for other species of sharks to finish off the day and we finished off the day with a couple blacktips and a five foot hammerhead.



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