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Fishing Reports > Bluefins Yellowfins BLUE MARLIN awesome hatteras fishing

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Bluefins Yellowfins BLUE MARLIN awesome hatteras fishing

Saturday April 23rd 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On March 26 we had a group from New York and New Jersey along to get in on the bluefin action. We were met with a stiff north wind. We put in lines at the 400 in 130fa and began trolling our way north. Within minutes we got whacked by the yellowfins. Thats a good start to the day. we circled around for a few more minutes but no more yellowfins were there to be found. Continuing our troll north, about an hour later at the 480 we were riding along a change with a broken grassline. We didnt have any action for a few minutes and everyone was just kind of laying back relaxing. Our mate, Ben, is standing in the back corner taking a look back and he says "there he is!". I look back expecting a false albacore bite or something and see a bill slashing back and forth at the spreader bar. "Thats a blue marlin!!!!!". The fish came up on the bar and we pulled the bar out of the way trying to switch it over to bite a ballyhoo on the shortrigger. The fish made a pass at the shortrigger then dissappeared. 2 minutes later we put the bar back in the water and this time the marlin just absolutely crashed the same bar. We were solid hooked up. Had the fish on and jumping and about 60 feet from the boat she came unglued. First time I ever saw a blue marlin in March in North Carolina. So, needless to say at this point we have everyones attention. A few minutes later, we get to the area where some bluefin bites were being had. It didnt take long for us. As soon as I had the first mark we hooked a double. We fought the first for an hour before pulling the hook. The second fish was a massive fish that we fought on 40# pound of drag for almost two hours. We had the fish circling just under the boat and a huge shark came and ate it. Its pretty scary to think that there are things out there large enough to eat a 8 foot long tuna. Lost both fish of the double after a whole lot of fighting. Put lines back in and instantly hooked up. This time we boated a 72" 226# bluefin in short order. The bluefin bite was hot and we began catching and releasing fish one after another until the guys couldnt handle anymore. We went home with the wind pushing us the whole way. Incredible day of fishing. This would prove to be our last Hatteras bluefin trip of the season as just days later, the fish moved on and were nowhere to be found.



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