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Matador Charters Fishing Report

Decent Virginia Beach Tuna Fishing

Tuesday June 29th 2010 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Sunday it was a bit bumpy but with the short run we figured it was worth it to go for it. Good call. Set in over the hotdog and within the first half hour we had our first bites. We had several blue fins on the flats and teasers but only one managed to eat a hook bait. Caught a nice 43" blue fin tuna on a tld. Good fight and pretty fish. Put the boat back in gear and instantly miss one on the short rigger. Troll for a half hour then catch another on the flats. Troll a half hour then another..... and so on. All were flat line bites and all were about the same size. Needing to find our "over", we moved offshore. We still had bites on the unders while we were trolling east but no love on the overs for us. We might have had a mahi or two bite us as well but they weren't big enough to make a difference. About the time we got to the ten fathom hump, we get our only longrigger bite of the day. Two big swirls on both long long long 80w tiagras and one comes tight. Get it close and expecting to release another under we find a long pec fin and deck an honest to god- thought they were extinct- 40# virginia yellowfin tuna... in 12 fathoms. Circled around and nada but happy enough to have what we got given the conditions. 82* green ugly water from the inlet to 100fa without a stitch of grass or bait to be seen on a full moon.... good enough for me.



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