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Easy Striper Trolling Limit Charter

Tuesday December 29th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

12/28 - On Monday we had Ralph Souder, his sons and their friends from Rockingham N.C. aboard for some striper fishing. These guys had fished out of Oregon Inlet for tunas the day before and caught a limit of yellowfins, so they were on a roll. We were out to get them their second limit in two days, and it turned out to be pretty easy fishing. We started trolling exactly where the had left off at the state line the day before and when we got there the bite was on.We started right off the bat hooking several fish, but had some tackle failures and lost a couple. The action at the state line was steady at first but died off and got slow as the fleet arrived. We managed to scrap out most of our limit there before the bite died. We trolled around for a while and didnt see or hear of much going on so we went looking. I saw a couple boats steaming up the beach towards home so I pointed the boat in the direction they were coming from and after about 5 miles of running south, we found the motherlode. There were tons of birds working and more importantly there were fish everywhere. Needless to say, we put in lines and immediately commenced to catching a bunch. Within an hour we were limited out and the boys had their second limit in two days. We got back to the dock with some daylight left and sent the boys off with a smile. Gotta love the easy days.



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