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Fishing Reports > Excellent day offshore sunday marlins mahi and tuna

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Excellent day offshore sunday marlins mahi and tuna

Tuesday September 06th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Saturday, we had an inshore trip. Really nice people. Pretty day. Fishing was kind of slow. Group brought bananas and hid them all over the place. Bananas are bad luck and saturday was no exception. We saw some cobias and just bad luck had a hard time getting bites. We had a big shark bite, but bit off just short of the hook. Bad luck. Pretty day though. Sunday we were set to go offshore. Beautiful slick calm forecast. Pretty satellite shot. Started out in 100 fathoms on the 220 in 73 degree clear green water. Immediately found a float that was holding a bunch of mahi under it, but these dollphin wouldnt eat anything. Tried to get a bite for about ten minutes and moved on. About ten minutes later we find a weak change with a three quarter degree break and a broken grassline and see a white cutting through the grass eating bait. Everyone saw the fish and he was up top chasing some little tiny bait for a while. No bite from that fish though. We continued on out a little deeper and found a little prettier edge with a 1 degree break to 74.8 degrees and the water went from green to kind of blueish but much prettier. Immediately found a board and a loggerhead turtle with nice gaffer sized mahi to about 25 pounds underneath. We caught 15 or so of them and while we were bailing we had a very lit up white marlin come in and try to eat a bait hanging from the outrigger. We didnt get that fish. He never touched a bait but raised all kinds of hell at the back of the boat for a minute. We continued working up the edge and saw a few marlins caught by other boats in the area and we also started catching stray gaffers. We found a bucket floating with plenty of gaffers under it, but they had played the game before and none would eat. Continued milling around and a few minutes later, we have our first legit marlin bite of the day. This fish came in on the dredge. bite the shortrigger and we missed him. Switched over to the other longrigger and we missed him there and swam back to the dredge and hooked up. A few minutes later after some jumps and long runs, he was caught. 20 minutes later, We see a fish cutting and I drive over to him and he immediately turns on the shortrigger over the dredge. Hooked up. Caught him. While we put the spread back out we passed some pilot whales and then the longrigger goes down with a 30 pound yellowfin tuna we boxed. The area really was looking good with lots of whales, changes, weedlines, and trash. Every ten or fifteen minutes we would find something holding mahi or see a marlin. It was a really good day offshore. Our final tally at the end of the day was 25 or so mahi to about 20 pounds. 1 30 pound yellowfin tuna. Altogether we saw 10 white marlins. 7 came into the spread. 4 ate a bait and we caught 2.



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