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Matador Charters Fishing Report

Friday Offshore LOTS of mahi

Tuesday September 06th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On friday, we had a group together to go offshore. We had a great forecast and we headed south. We started out a little bit inshore on the 10 fathom hump trying to see if we could catch a wahoo or tuna. The conditions werent right. 67 degree green water. No wahoo or tuna, but tons of false albacore. We caught a bunch and quickly left there. We pushed offshore and south after that hoping to find a bite or two in the deep. Worked from the 180 to the 000's in 72-74 degree water looking for a hard edge I had seen on the satellite shot. Around the 050 we found the hard edge where the green water met the gulf stream. The water warmed to 80 degrees and immediately had a marlin bite of some sort. Missed him. A few minutes later we found a big weedline at the 996 in 40 fathoms and there were a million mahi under it. Beautiful thing to see. The mahi were really really thick around that weedline and we caught all we wanted in no time at all. After we got finished with that, we worked inshore where we were tore to pieces again by the false albacores and mahi. Lots and lots of bites on that trip.



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