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Fishing Reports > Good Hatteras mixed bag

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Good Hatteras mixed bag

Sunday May 08th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On friday we had Ramon Kent, Paul Jarosh, and some of Ramons family aboard for the day. Plan was to troll for a while then jig for a while. The day started off really pretty. We started off fishing along the change in about 30 fathoms on a broken grassline. Temps jumped from 64 to 78 with green water on one side and gulf blue on the other. Flying fish around. Real pretty conditions. We immediately started the day off getting bites. Lots of false albacores on the change but we did have several mahi bites and and even a couple wahoo bite offs. We worked the change for a while and after being beaten down by the bonitas for a while we pulled away from the change. about a half mile offshore of the change we had a double yellowfin bite and one just boiled at the bait, the other pulled the hook midways into the fight. Circled back around to the mark and had 4 tuna bites. Only one came tight but we had a yellowfin for the box. tried to work it and never found the mark again. 4 knots of current made it hard to stay over the marks. Trolled around for a while out off the change and not much else happening. The fleet was struggling as well so we went back in on the change. Lots of bites there, but mostly albacores. We did that until the guys were tired of catching albacores then we went out to the rocks and jigged. The jigging was good. Plenty of big jacks to play with but the sharks were there thick and they were hungry. We managed to catch a couple of nice jacks, but really had a lot of them get eaten by sharks. All in all in was a very nice day with plenty of bites.



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