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Matador Charters Fishing Report

Great report written by our charter from sunday

Tuesday June 18th 2013 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Its always nice to get good feedback from our customers. We work very hard to make our customers happy and the best compliment I can get is when somebody respects and appreciates the amount of work we do for our charters. We go the extra mile and usually it pays off. Scott Chapman, a member of our charter from Sunday, posted this report to an internet message board about his charter fishing trip offshore. Thanks Scott, Here's the report: Capt. Jake picked us up at the Va. Beach Fishing Center fuel dock at 4:30 and off we went to the South-East. Last years trip was an easterly run direct to the Norfolk Canyon, but this time was to be more to the South because that's where Jake figured we would have our best chance for some fish. That kind on knowledge is what you get when you pay for a trip like this. While tuna are great, we wanted to target mahi this year and Jake respected that. The spread was downsized slightly as was the tackle. Lines went in at 7:30 and the first mahi was in the boat at 7:31! Needless to say, following on the slow Saturday reports, we were pretty jazzed. Of course we didn't catch fish all day at that rate, but we had a ball. We picked up random single fish all through the day. The troll started in 240' of water at a point straight out from Currituck Beach, roughly. To say that Jake's new mate (Shawn) knew his job would be a big understatement. Except for one mahi that decided to take advantage of a split-second opportunity to jump out of the box back into the water, Shawn really made sure that the rigs were "right" and that we always had the best opportunity to hook up. The deck was kept clean enough to eat off of. This was one of those trips where the mate was a real asset. Yes, the water was rougher than I prefer. We had long periods of 4 footers with several hours of close together sixes. Mid-afternoon they were easily 8 ft.; the deeper we got the higher the seas became. But, it was a hell of a workout and it's probably as close as I'm going to get to some exercising. Killed two birds with one stone, you could say. Final tally might not sound terribly impressive, but it was a super day for us. 6-mahi (#7 threw the hook and #8 jumped out of the fish box), 1-yellowfin, 2-false albacore (not to eat but fun to catch), 1 LARGE bluefish, and the 5 back-breaking amberjack. So, there are fish out there! "I" could not have found these fish even if I had a boat big enough to get out that far. So, it sure was nice to go with someone who knew where to go and how to catch them. Hope everyone keeps finding more fish as the water warms and our bay species get more active. Here are a couple of pictures from our day.



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