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Fishing Reports > Hatteras Fishing Report, 12-4 Hatteras No kings, Blackfins, wahoo, sharks, and bailing red drums

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Hatteras Fishing Report, 12-4 Hatteras No kings, Blackfins, wahoo, sharks, and bailing red drums

Tuesday December 06th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On sunday, we had a nice forecast and went out initially to target king mackerel. The king mackerel fishing has been exceptional in Hatteras for the last couple of weeks. Sunday they were nowhere to be found. They may have moved on and the king mackerel bite for 2011 might be over. After looking for kings for a while we changed gear and went out a little deeper. We found the edge of the gulf stream and trolled it for a while and there was nothing but bonitas on the edge. There may have been some other fish but we would never know as every ten seconds we were getting hit by bonitas. So we worked out to the 230 rocks and as soon as we arrived I found a huge mark on the rock that looked to be a tuna or bonita mark on the depth finder. We dropped down jigs and found that they were blackfins. We had bites jigging and right on top of the rock the sharks were eating up our blackfins pretty bad. We trolled the rock a little bit and had a nice wahoo for the box and some blackfin too. We stopped and jigged again and we had a boy on the boat who had been seasick all day and he has always wanted to catch a shark. So while they were jigging, I hooked him up with a shark and after a 15 minute fight the 10 year old boy caught a 8 foot bull shark. Soon after it was starting to get late so we picked up and began running home. On the way home, I saw a large bronze colored cloud in the water. I couldnt resist checking it out and immediately we all hooked up on big 40 to 50" class red drums. Everyone on the boat got to catch some reds and I even came downstairs and caught three myself including a 52"er. We came home at 27 kts and entered the inlet after dark.



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