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Sunday October 07th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

October is a month in Virginia Beach where the inshore fishing can be very hit or miss. It can be the greatest day fishing ever or very slow some days. The days its good, its really good. Theres always SOMETHING to catch in October but it isnt like summer where we can go back to the same spot every day and expect to catch the same things. Each day this time of year we have to adapt and hope that what we are fishing for is going to be there. We went on my buddy Jeffs boat that John Angelson is considering purchasing.The boat is a gorgeous 32' Custom Carolina express built by Sunny Briggs powered with a newer Caterpillar diesel. The boat is a fishing machine. He wanted to experience the boat for a day before making an offer. I suggested a fishing day. It was a good choice. Saturday was one of the days where the fishing was great.We started off fishing off near the tower and had a steady pick at some sea bass. W did this for a while and we were listening to the radio and hearing of a bite developing with king mackerels out off rudee inlet. We switched our sea bass gear over and headed that way. Immediately when we got in the area, Johns father Paul was driving the boat for the first time and within 5 minutes I caught a nice king at 20#. I was limited on time and they had to bring me in. The bite was just out front so no big deal. They caught it and wanted to go back out for more. I showed them what to put where and off they went. They got back out there and said for the next hour it was total pandemonium. As soon as they set lines out they got hit by a school of red drum. All were citation sized fish and they caught all three at one time. Then they reset the lines and as soon as they set the spread out, they got hit by a nice king that was caught by John at 29#. Thats a big king. But after catching this king, they began setting the spread. The first bait was going back into place when John said he saw a huge king crush the bait. A huge battle was on and sometime later Johns son Paul had boated a 43# king. Keep in mind this is the first time they had ever fished on the boat and were test driving the boat for the day to see how they liked it. Pretty good day.



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