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Fishing Reports > Labor day Inshore GREAT fishing.

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Labor day Inshore GREAT fishing.

Tuesday September 06th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Monday was Labor day. We had two inshore trips. Our first trip we went to some wrecks and caught some sea bass. The wreck was really loaded with bass and they were easy to catch. We caught had about 50 bass up to 4 pounds that we kept. We trolled in and on the way in we caught some bluefish and a nice false albacore. We were looking for somewhere to catch a shark but didnt see anything. We did see one nice cobia but it wouldnt eat. On our afternoon trip we decided to stay closer to the beach. We only had two people so we thought we would try to find some big fish. We looked at some buoys for some cobia but no love. Then we went and looked at a ledge where I like to bottomfish. We put on some rigs and tried to catch a flounder or something but the sharks we wearing us out. We caught over a dozen blacktips to about 30#. Then, just as the sun was setting we had two bites. I had one up top but the hook pulled pretty quick into it. The other stayed glued. For a half hour, we fought this fish. We all wondered what it was. It would make LONG runs and wasnt very easy to pull in. The angler thought it was a big stingray but decided to stick with it and see anyways. Good call. After being drug around a half mile and 45 minutes later, we had the fish at boatside. This is one of the biggest red drums every caught aboard my boat. This fish was appx 54-55" long and had a girth of around 29-30''. Im guessing it at around 60-70#. Needless to say, it was a good fish.



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