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Matador Charters Fishing Report


Sunday September 16th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

The last week has been one of the best weeks for marlin fishing off the mid atlantic region that I can every remember. There have been numerous grand slams caught and the fishing seemingly gets continuously better with each passing day. It is incredible fishing to say the least. We were able to get out on friday and one of our anglers, Beth Synowiecz, submitted this report to a internet fishing forum. "I got a call a few days ago from David who was itching to get out and get on a marlin. He asked if I was in. Heck yeah!. Early Friday morning we waited at the dock, when everyone arrived, the Matador then took off towards cigar. With Capt Jake at the helm, I knew we were in for some serious fish. We talked about it and the folks decided that I was up first. The line went off before we even had the entire spread out! Shawn, the head mate, yelled my name, I stepped forward and the fun began. The white marlin's beautiful body thrust up in the air and we all witnessed the famous 'marlin dance'. It was Game On! To see the beauty of this fish was incredible. I continued to crank like crazy. Jake did some backing up at times and the waves too became a part of the action of the fight. Before I knew it, the fish was at the boat. Holy Shikes! Shawn released the fish and then gave me the leader line as a souvenir to keep. That was only the beginning, with the spreader bar bringing them to the boat, the marlin started to appear. The lines started to run wild and we got another, and another, and another... This went on for six runs which produced five whites! We only lost one the whole day. One of the highlights was when Jody suggested we bring one aboard! I had never seen one up close, so I was stoked about it!! That experience was incredible! By now the crew which consisted of head mate Shawn, myself, David, Lori, Susi, Jody and Ryan had all been satisfied with the whites . We had six people fishing and everyone had landed a white but Ryan who 'opted out'. He said that he had caught more than his share of marlin on previous trips and he was just going to kick back and relax. He was totally relaxed and having a great time he said. So the marlin rotation started again. It was now afternoon and the pandemonium of fish after fish had subsided. I can recall David talking the night before about how bad he wanted to catch a blue marlin.. It was a yearning that was not going to subside until he got one. I told him that if it was meant to be (with "the Guy upstairs "), that it would happen. He just needed to trust that. I stood there with my belt already around me as I sensed something was about to happen. Suddenly a line went buzzing and David was standing near the line. I thought I heard Jake yell my name to take it. I never stepped forward to grab the line , instead David turned and looked around for who was going to take the fish. I looked at him and said, take it! David said, " are you sure"? I said, yes! He looked shocked but was happy at the same time.. He started cranking on the line and this fish was putting up a sweet battle. His smile and his occasional laugh indicated to all of us that this was a very good fight. That is not what sealed the deal though for an incredible trip. It was when the fish finally appeared at the boatside and this fishes true colors were revealed. It was a Blue! The final tally of the day 5 whites and 1 blue.. What an incredible day on the water!!! Thank you to Capt Jake and mate Shawn and the entire crew.. You guys are awesome!!! The crew was fun with many laughs and even a couple of us did a little swimming at the dock when we returned. It's a tradition for someone who gets their first billfish to go into the drink." Marlin fishing offshore is as good as it ever gets anywhere in the world right now. We have plenty of charter dates available for booking. Call me today for reservations or booking info. Thanks, capt. Jake Hiles 757-749-6008



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