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Matador Bowfishing and Cobia Fishing

Thursday June 11th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

06/09 - Today we had Scott Myrthel and his family in town for some fishing. Scott has one of these compound bows with a reel on it and enjoys using it for fishing. It was a change of pace for me, but we got it figured out. We started out up in the bay and Scott was shooting cownose rays. He said the biggest fish he had ever shot with the bow was around forty pounds and I believe he broke that record with some of the rays he was shooting. One even broke the 200# dacron that attaches the arrow to the reel! After spending most of the morning playing with rays, we decided things were starting to get right and it was time to get in the area where we had seen the cobias the day before. Almost as soon as we got there, we saw Chuck catch one. Then a few minutes later it was our turn. Ben saw a HUGE cobia cruising the surface. I saw the fin out of the water and would have swore it was a shark. This fish was very impressive to watch in the water as it pushed wake on the surface. I eased the boat into position where Ben could get a good throw on the fish. He made a throw and instantly a much smaller fish popped out from under the large fish and grabbed the eel. Ben yanked the eel out of the small fish's mouth before it could get the hook and the big fish grabbed the bait and ate it. The hook was set and the fight was on! We had this fish hooked up on medium spinning gear and it still took the better part of and hour to get in the boat. It was a very strong fish, but eventually we got it boatside and got a gaff in it. I initially guessed the fish to weigh in the low 90 range, but the fish bled alot on the gaff and vomited its stomach contents (which were a couple skates and a bunch of large 1# baitfish). The scale showed it at 80#. After this time was up and we went home. The cobia fishing is VERY GOOD right now.



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