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Matador Charters Fishing Report

Monday amberjacks

Wednesday July 18th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On monday we were supposed to do a deep drop but there were sw winds at 15 to 20 mph. It was plenty fishable, but we just couldnt deep drop in those conditions. There would be too much drift. Instead we opted to run down the beach to the south tower and we could go catch some jacks and work some wrecks then troll back. We pulled up to the tower and began jigging and caught a bunch of big jacks up to around 60 pounds. The charter had two kids with them and the kids were completely amazed with how hard these jacks pulled. We fished for jacks a good portion of the morning and then picked up and went to a nearby wreck. There were plenty of fish on the wreck but even in 100 feet, it was hard to wreck fish on the bottom because of fast drift. We did catch a couple triggerfish and seabass, and there were small jacks all over the wreck, but we didnt stay there long. We went back by the tower and caught a couple more jacks then began our troll to the north. Immediately we hooked some sort of a billfish. It was very likely a sail but we pulled it off after a few minutes, so we will never know. We had a couple bites trolling inside out of gaffers and false albacores. The day wasnt the most beautiful day weatherwise. It stayed just windy enough all day to be annoying but we caught plenty of fish and the charter went home with plenty of meat and sore arms.



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