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Fishing Reports > New Year and Windy Rockfishing

Matador Charters Fishing Report

New Year and Windy Rockfishing

Sunday January 03rd 2010 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

01/02/10 - On new years eve my trip was kind of slow. It was one of those days where you feel like you are doing everything right but just cant get the bites. We caught some fish, but we should have caught more. We took the day off friday for new years day and despite the poor forecast it was up and at em on saturday. My crew was Brian Brady and friends from Annapolis and when I told them it was going to be 30 degrees and blow 30+, they said "Bring it!". After friday I was ready to make em pay. Well the forecast didnt lie and when we got to the dock this morning it was definitely 30+ out of the NNW. I would guess it might have been gusting over 40 and maybe to 50 or so. WINDY! It would have been dowright dangerous on a small boat but so long as I paid attention and kept the waves from catching us, it was safe. We figured we would stick the bow out and see just how bad it could be. Started on the 3 mile line straight out of Rudee. It was bad. I would call it solid 6-8' chop, whitewater blowing everywhere, ice on the deck, miserable conditions. It was so windy that the wind destroyed the curtains on my port side. Ripped the zippers off and then just ripped the entire curtain off. I honestly figured I would pull out there, have everyone seasick, and be back on the dock account of the weather, but these guys were gung ho and told me to stick it out for a bit. After a half hour I get the call. 8 miles south on the three mile line its happening. I pick up lines and steam that way. As I got closer, I saw the birds on the radar and a fleet of charter boats forming. Some boats were already pointed back to the inlet with boxes full. I sat lines at the back of the fleet and hooked up four within a minute of pulling the throttles back. Trolled for a bit more and got out of the mark, so I turned around to get back on it. Bad idea. Trolling downsea waves were rolling almost into the cockpit and I was making 7 knots with one motor in idle, so I got where I needed to be quick. Steady bites once I got on them- doubles on tandem rigs, mojo bites. Didnt even need to pull umbrellas. After about an hour, we had our limit and had a couple thrown back. Made em pay today. It was definitely work, but we got home safely with a full box and a happy crew. They were kind enough to leave me a striper to eat, but we were back on the dock in time for pancakes, so I will be eating striper nuggets for lunch after I get home and warm up. So far as I now everyone got a limit and got home safe. Despite the nastiness from the weather, it was a good day of fishing.



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