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Fishing Reports > Overnight Fishing in Diamond Shoals

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Overnight Fishing in Diamond Shoals

Monday May 18th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

The following report was posted by a crew member on an internet fishing forum: "Matador Rudee to Diamond Shoals and Back" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04/24/09 - Fished aboard the Matador with Capt Jake and mate Ben Friday - Saturday on a long-range overnighter. Had a full crew and I'm getting old so already forgot half the names so I won't try to list them. Left Rudee Inlet at 4 am Friday morning and headed due South hugging the beach....and South....and South....still riding....South....look, there is Corolla Light....then Duck....then Nags Head...then Bodie Island Light....oh look, there is OI Inlet....then turned SE and to the stream. Weather man lied....winds were 15 the whole day and whole night. Lines in around 9 am and Capt Jake trolled his as$ off. No bait, no fish, seems lifeless, little radio traffic. Hooked a nice mako and with some work, the angler gets him close to the boat. Having never fished with this crew, I play it safe and climb up to the bride to take pics. Nice gaff shot to the head but the mako get pissed and launches straight up and gets free of the gaff at the same time cutting the line....almost like he planned it like that. Trolled...trolled, and trolled. Only found 69 degree water even overboard. Did some bottom bouncing and jigging and got some nice seabass, grouper, and some kind of snappers....and of course the ever present AJs. Hooked one blackfin on the jig but crossed my line and he was lost. Trolled back up the point and found 70 degree water and better bait marks but nothing. At 8 pm put the sword spread out. 4 lines with 12 baits, interesting setup, good spread of baits covering the water colomn. Nada...all night...not one pull. We thought for sure it we would attract some sharks at least...nothing. At daybreak, we wreck hop our way home and manage some more seabass but didn't burn anything up. Capt Jake ran tight up the beach from Duck to Rudee, I suspect looking for schools of drum but I didn't see any. My theory is somebody snuck a banana on board but would not admit it....but that's fishing. We fished about as hard anybody could have fished, covered some serious ground. Still had a great time...skies were blue and temps were warm. Jake does go the exta mile to put his crew on fish. Look forward to the next adventure aboard the Matador. " That report was posted on a couple internet sites by Mike Avery. The trolling was slow, but as usual, the fishing on the rocks was good and despite a huge amount of current we had plenty of bites. While bottom bouncing, we could have likely caught a limit of groupers, and if we would have given it more time on the jig, we could have likely caught some blackfin tuna, but the guys arms were getting tired from catching amberjack after amberjack. The night fishing was rough, but not uncomfortable. I am very suprised that we did not catch a shark or two. It was still interesting to watch the squids, flying fish, and porpoises play in the lights during the night. On the ride out and ride in, our mate Ben provided a shotgun, some boxes of shells, and a case of clay pidgeons, which the crew had a good time shooting on the way out. With the southwest winds, the ride south along the beach was pretty calm until we got a ways offshore, and with the warm weather and sunny skies, it was definitely nice being out there.



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