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Matador Charters Fishing Report


Monday June 10th 2013 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

This weekend we had a charter lined up for two days of fishing offshore but early june tropical storm andrea changed those plans. Early saturday the weather forecast looked bad so we switched gears and planned on doing an overnight fishing trip leaving saturday afternoon. Overnight trips are a hardcore fishing trip. This is a long charter and we get a lot of time on the water. We pulled out of rudee inlet around lunch time and though winds were forecasted to be 10-15 it was more like a solid 20 mph. With the remaining storm swell, it was fairly rough. We ran a good ways south checking structure and stopped on a wreck where we found all sorts of stuff. We caught a couple dolphin, some bluefish, some amberjacks, and some false albacore on the first stop. We had only been fishing a few minutes and had already put meat in the box. We trolled for a bit before dark but no bites. We set up during the night to try to catch swords and sharks. There would be no catching a sword. The sharks we relentless. Within minutes of dropping a bait 6-10 foot long dusky and hammerhead sharks were lining up waiting to eat our baits. through the night we caught about 10 big sharks, and released them all. As the morning arrived the waters calmed and it was time to go fishing. We started in a very good area and immediately started getting tuna bites and mahi bites. We would hook 3 or 4 jumbo yellowfins at a time, but somehow only manage to come tight on one. We did this several times and spent a good portion of the morning trolling around. I feel like we had about 15 or so tuna bites and only had 4 in the box. But we picked at em and the mahi and had a good time. The yellowfins we caught were really nice sized. About lunch time we picked up and pointed her to the barn. When it was all said and done we had a box full of fish, a nice variety of fish, and several citations.



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