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POST IRENE good shark fishing inshore

Wednesday August 31st 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

Yesterday, we fished our first trip after Hurricane Irene. We sustained no damage from the storm and things have finally settled out enough to go fishing. Our trip yesterday was a half day inshore and since I hadnt fished since before the storm, I didnt really know what to expect. The conditions were not the best. There was a strong northeast wind that made it a little bumpy out. Waves were about 4 feet and choppy. Water temp had cooled to 74 degrees everywhere we looked. The water in near the beach was ugly brown and dirty, but held some bluefish. We worked out a little off the beach though and went sharking. As soon as we put lines in and the chumbag back, we had little blacktips at the back of the boat hungry for baits. The blacktip sharks werent the biggest ones we ever saw but there were plenty of them there. In the two and a half hours or so that we shark fished, we caught 10 blacktips, 1 sharpnose, and this little bull shark pictured here. Pretty good shark fishing and we were happy to see them around after the storm. We have several days open this week and next where we are available for inshore trips, so give me a call at 757-749-6008 and we will take you out there and catch you some of these sharks. Also, when we get a couple calm days cobias should be around inshore. Thanks, capt. Jake



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