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Fishing Reports > September offshore fishing is heating up

Matador Charters Fishing Report

September offshore fishing is heating up

Tuesday September 13th 2011 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On saturday, we fished offshore. Good reports from the day before and a beautiful forecast so we headed to the Norfolk Canyon. Our group for the day wanted a mixed bag of marlin and meat and when we got to the tip of the canyon we immediately found a log that was holding a school of decent sized dolphin. We stopped and caught some of them and immediately had a bunch of meat for the box. Then we started trolling around the log while another boat came in and bailed some and while we were expecting to see more dolphin, I looked back and saw a bill slashing at my bait. Hooked up and caught a white marlin. While we fought that fish another fish popped up, but we could not get a bait in front of it in time and it dissappeared. We put lines back in and began trolling and within a few minutes we had a double of rat blue marlins chasing after the blue marlin bait in my spread. Its amazing that all summer every chance we have had a blue marlin, they have come up on the exact bait they are supposed to. Anyways we managed after a couple tries to get one of the blue marlins to eat a dink bait. Pretty bite 5 feet from the back of the boat. The fish was smaller and we didnt want to fight it on an 80w. Much sportier on tld's. We pulled the plug out of the water and the other blue marlin switched over and went to the teaser for a few minutes but the other blue marlin that was hooked up was starting to get too stretched out on us and we had to give up on our chances to hook both blue marlins. We did catch the one blue marlin and went back and put the marlin spread out. A few minutes later we saw another white that didnt eat. Just followed the bait. But at about 10 o clock a fish came and INHALED the flatline and came tight making a bunch of greyhounding jumps away from the boat and we caught our second white marlin of the day. Two blues and a white before 1030 in the morning. We all thoguht it was gonna be an incredible day on the marlins and then it just shut down. They quit biting. We never saw another all day. But instead of the marlins, they mahi were biting. All throughout the day every couple of minutes we would find a mahi or two. Then we found a bucket that had a huge school of dolphin and triggerfish under it in the afternoon and we played with them for a while before riding home. Good easy day offshore.



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