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Sunday January 22nd 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

The giant bluefin tuna season was set to close sunday night and the weather window was open to allow us to fish friday out of Oregon Inlet North Carolina. The fishing out fo Oregon Inlet hasnt been as close to the beach as in Virginia Beach but nonetheless there have been plenty of bluefins out by the gulf stream in north carolina. So off we went. We got a late start and left the dock around 8 am. A 40 mile ride later and we were surrounded by an entire fleet of boats all commercial fishing for giant bluefins and the bluefins were all around. Slicks, birds, rolling fish, and hooked up boats were everywhere. There were boats headed home with their two fish as we were on our way out. Really great fishing. But when we got there we found the bite had slowed and had began to slow. Bites became harder to find and less and less boats around us were hooked up. Then our number came up. We got two bites and hooked a double. The lines came tight and despite a couple small issues, two hours later we had two big bluefins on ice in the cockpit and were headed back to the dock. These two were 80" and 85" and appx 300 pounds and appx 360 pounds. Two nice fish and for two days in a row, we put tuna on the market. The commercial bluefin season is now closed and we will now begin booking charters to catch these monsters. If you want your shot at one of these, give me a call at 757-749-6008. Thanks, capt. Jake



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