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Virginia beach deep drop fishing report

Wednesday July 18th 2012 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

On tuesday we had a group from VIMS, the WMRC, and ODU aboard to collect samples for their research programs on offshore bottomfish. Thier primary targets are tilefish and grouper and they are doing research to determine how old the fish on the bottom are, how plentiful they are, and how quickly they can reproduce. The conditions were forcasted to be very nice but when we got out there, there was more wind than predicted as well as a lot of current. It was not optimal deep dropping conditions. The first spot we stopped at, the water was too deep to fish with the amount fo drift we had. We hooked one grouper there and broke it off but had to do a lot of work to get that bite. Next we went to another spot in the canyon and with the amount of drift there we were somewhat able to fish and make a catch. We did catch some wreckfish, barrelfish, black bellied rosefish, a large squid, and some other random species. While we were drifting a nice dolphin came and hung out under the boat and we caught that. After we gave up on the deep dropping, we put out plugs and fished for blue marlins on the way back. Within minutes we had a bite from a 300# class blue marlin. The fish came up and bite 2 or 3 times but never got a hook. In the afternoon on the way home it calmed down considerably and we ran home in near calm seas.



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