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Virginia Beach Limit Stripers Rockfish

Wednesday December 16th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

12/16 - Today I had Tim Jacobson and his buddies from Wisconsin aboard for a full day after their morning swan hunt in Currituck. They called early and said they all got their swans and would be at the boat around noon. The plan was to run up the beach and soak eels at Plantation in the afternoon. As I leave Rudee, I look at the radar and see a huge mass of birds appx. 2.5 miles east of Cape Henry. We are headed that way already so might as well have a look. We get there and it is going off and not a boat in sight. There was a huge beehive of birds, gulls flying and carrying peanut bunkers, and big stripers rolling on top. We attempt to put a spread out and we are hooked up with two fish on a tandem rig before we can even get the second rod in the water. These guys really didnt have a lot of interest in keeping anything, but wanted to catch and release some nice ones, and keep one smaller fish a piece to eat. We finally got it to where we could give each of them a rod and they could work the rod themselves while Timmy constantly unhooked and posed the fish before release. Nothing in the water was safe. We caught fish constantly. The average size of the fish were 36-40" however there were some much smaller and much bigger fish mixed in. Everyone released a citation fish. They did want to keep one of the larger ones, a 45''er just to see what it weighed, and the fish was 40.5#, big enough for a weight citation when we got in. We released fish up to 48'' and there were some real fatties mixed in there. We also released a lone 36'' bluefish for a citation as well. The fish began rolling on top chasing peanut bunker and rather than use the heavy trolling gear, the guys wanted to just pull up to the school and cast spinning gear into them. Nothing like 40# fish on the jig. I even got to come down from the flybridge and catch a couple while everyone on board was hooked up. After about an hour of nonstop catching, the tide picked up and the outgoing tide began carrying the school of fish out to sea. They got close to the line and it was time to go. We went up north to soak eels and it was slow. Then we did some light tackle jigging and caught a couple schoolies, which the guys wanted to eat, but nothing would match the action at the beginning of the trip. Fishing today was as good as it gets, and we made 'em pay. Ocean season is heating up and we still have plenty of charter dates available. Call me at 757-749-6008 to get booked! Thanks, Jake



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