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Virginia Beach Offshore Fishing Report

Sunday July 26th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

07/02 - John Walters, who chartered me for today, wrote this report: "Brother John and I, fishing buddies Brian from NC, Brett and Tom from MD, and world famous Jody Elswick owner of Buena Vista Sportfishing Lodge in Guatemala booked with Jake Hiles on the Matador hoping for tuna and mahi bites out of VB. Jake told us the tuna bite had already moved on for the most part, so we worked on Plan B before we left the dock. So with Capt Jake, mate Chris, and guest Capt in training Ray Rhodes (who was also in Guat the same time I was in March) onboard and in charge we headed out to some choppy SE seas and sunny skies out of Rudee Inlet. Jake took us to some underwater structure where the AJs roam, and we didn't take long to hook up. After missing a couple to the underwater structure, we got into our rhythm and started bringing AJs over the side for the first two hours of fishing. In all we brought 23 fish to the boat, boxing 11, and scoring one citation (my brother John) at 51.5 inches. Both Tom and Brett were AJ virgins, so the rest of us had a blast watching the expressions on thier faces when the reef donkeys went into four wheel drive and tore yards and yards of line off the reel against a screaming drag. A number of these were fought and landed on Shimano spinning tackle loaded with 65 lb braid, what an impressive combo that was to battle and whip these brutes. At the end of the AJ melee Capt Jake showed us some fun with topwater plugs with no hooks on, the fish were still whipped into a frenzy and were coming up from the deep to swipe at the hookless plug with reckless abandon, what a sight. After this we pushed east and got on the troll for some mahi and hoped for a stray tuna bite. We caught only 3 mahi in a couple hours and then saw an area filled with two tones, whales, birds, and sharks running on the surface. We just knew we were going to get covered up in tuna, but only two bites came out of 5 passes at this sea life, and only one 29 inch YFT came tight. Oh well, sashimi all around when we get back to Rudee!! We left the area headed northwest in the general direction of home still trolling when we came upon some floating 2X4s and plywood with visible life under it (triggerfish and mahi), and we hooked up two good mahi gaffers on the first pass, so we moved in and started firing jigs at them, scoring several more gaffers before they got smart to the jigging, so we switched to other jigs and cut bait and scored some more nice gaffers, then switched jigs again. When the school broke up we cleared the area and let it settle for a few minutes while we rigged back up for a couple more trolling passes, and that worked like a champ. Every pass we were picking off 1-2 fish with only 3 rods in the water. It was a good grade of fish with only a few bailers and mostly gaffers. This whole time I'm thinking this is textbook mahi structure fishing like I read about and saw on videos from George Poveromo's collection of stuff! Capt Jake and Chris worked this opportunity to the max. We left the mahi motherlode we had found for home all smiles and in flat seas for the long ride home, with smiles all around we looked at pictures and videos shot by some of the crew to pass the time and savor the action of the day. Capt Jake is a super guy, determined to put you on fish and show you a good time, I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants inshore or offshore action. The final tally for the day was 23 AJs (11 in the box) and 23 mahi (all kept) also with one mahi citation at 25.5 lbs, and the one YFT. Thanks Capt Jake and Chris (and Ray) for a great trip."



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