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Virginia Beach Offshore Marlin Fishing

Tuesday September 29th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

09/24 - The day after big wednesday. I did not get a chance to fish wednesday, but it was probably the best day of marlin fishing ever on the east coast. A fleet of a dozen boats released over 300 marlins. Just insane fishing. One boat released 41 white marlin and a blue marlin- which I believe is the most marlin ever caught on the east coast in a single day. Anyways, we had a good forecast and given the fishing the day before, we were anxious to get out. The fishing was still extremely good, but nothing compared to the day before. We still caught 6 out of 8 bites and saw a few others. The majority of our bites were between the norfolk and washington canyons in 55 fathoms of water. We had a triple hookup on whites, which was fun. We had another where we hooked up with one and then saw another which we turned the boat and hooked up and caught both. A couple of singles on the longriggers and a nice flatline bite made for a lot of action during the day. There were plenty of dolphin around but we chose not to even try to catch them. Just before time to pull lines out of the water we had an encounter with a very large 500-600# blue marlin as we crossed over the edge of the norfolk canyon on our troll south. This thing came in and mauled my squidnation squid dredge, then turned and inhaled a couple of the dink baits. Wrong rods. Wouldn't have lasted too long. Everybody on the boat got to see her before cranking in the lines to head home. I will be fishing offshore a couple times in the upcoming days and hopefully the marlins will be sticking around.



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