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Fishing Reports > Virginia Beach Several Rockfish Citations

Matador Charters Fishing Report

Virginia Beach Several Rockfish Citations

Friday January 09th 2009 - 15:00 AM EST
Added by: Jake Hiles

12/30/08 - Went eeling again today with the Smith group. These guys said they wanted some big girls so we put them on em. The weatherman was wrong and instead of cold and NW at 20, we were met with slick calm and warm. The water was gin clear and the tide was outgoing. Nice conditions. We ended up killing six fish this afternoon. All of which were large fish weighing in at 47, 46, 41, 39, 33, and 31 pounds. These guys actually should have caught a lot more fish, but we had some bad luck and they allowed slack to get in the lines while fighting the fish which equals a spit hook every single time. Despite mine and Ben's advice, these guys were having a hard time fighting these fish and would get excited and stop cranking when the fish got close. I guess they were in awe of these things. We ended up losing five or six fish, some around 50 pounds just short of the net because the guys just would stop cranking. Ragardless, we still caught some nice monster rockfish and these guys were really excited about it. They didnt even want to clean the fish and wanted to leave with the fish whole so they could cart the fish around and show all their friends.



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